Q: Our brand would like to use Further Designs for apparel design and production. Are you able to work with private brands?

A: Yes. We are excited to work with private brands to include our expertise, technology, and American Made production capability.

Q: How are projects organized, and priced?

A:  Each project is truly created around the need. FURTHER is able to work by the hour or by the project. Pricing depends on the expertise, and technology required for the garment(s), along with the timeline and longevity of the project. Please don't hesitate to contact us just because your project might be small.
We are happy to consider all projects, and if not able to pursue yours, we are happy to offer insight as needed.

Q: How do we work together?

A: We do our best work in our own studio, yet are happy to work at your location to ease the process. The technology is portable along with our expertise of course. Scott has 18 years of experience in both situations, and are confident we can provide a perfect product in either location.

Q: My team would like to custom create a clothing system based on our specific needs. We have not gone through government contracting ourselves and would like help to fund the project. Are you able?

A: In our past lives, we worked closely with military and government customers and their contracting officers. We are happy to help with contracting and the paper work it requires. Further is often able to accomplish a sole source contract due to our specific skill set. We also have relationships with government distributors to ease the process as needed.

The real power of the Further system is that we are NOT a brand. We are able to work with brands or clothing companies of your choosing if that is needed to complete your project.


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