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Scott Jones is the owner and principle designer at Further. At 39 he is an 18 year veteran of advanced clothing design. He developed Beyond Clothing™* into a sought after brand of American Made Apparel and custom cold weather clothing for Skiers, Climbers, Wildland Fire, Police and Special Operations Forces.

* Beyond Clothing™ is a registered trademark of 5.11, Inc.

FURTHER creates apparel and gear with the most advanced technology available. The software, hardware, personel, and infrastructure is second to none. Creation or design of an entire clothing system, or just one jacket, is possible in 1/10th the time it takes others.
We have partnered with cottage factories for quick turn samples and product, and large factories who can produce thousands of garments a month. Design to production is only a step away.

 Experience in industry or product:

  • Advanced Tactical Clothing
  • Cold Weather Clothing Systems
  • Wildland Fire
  • Urban Medical
  • Snow, Ice, Frigid environments
  • Dynamic Apparel (features, look, environment)
  • Cycling, Motorcycle, SCUBA, Snowmobile, Hunting, Sailing.

Our products

-  On Site Pattern Design


-   Advanced Patterning


-  Fabric consultation & Development


-  Sample Production Runs


-  Large Production Runs


-  Branding



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